Welcome to Beloved pictures (belovedpictures.com). Here we share all things related together to further help strengthen relationships between friends, family and loved ones.


Beloved pictures is an established brand globally recognized by majority. We have been in existence for quiet some time now and some of our works featured in big and small publications like this one from belienet, here, and many more. Beloved pictures have since been operating in the entertainment niche (movie production) for the past few years and have worked to produce some good movies as seen here.


While we are no longer in the movie production scenes, we have further stepped things up and decided to serve humanity by delivering contents, tips and advice to strengthen relationships and put smile on the faces of people. We publish and share amazing quotes about love, life, wishes and greetings and more, as well as gift ideas for any events.

Our catalogue of wishes and quotes includes quotes, wishes and messages for birthday, marriage, poems, mothers day, fathers day etc as well as thanksgiving, Christmas greetings and new year wishes and messages.

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to be the ultimate go to source for reliable information and biography, images and quotes as well as life events of many of the successful people in our world today. Also, we aim to be one of the top references for all things related wishes and quotes to further help make you life easier by taking away stress and doing the brain work for you.

As a launchpad, we have started first initially with compiling the list of best wishes quotes and messages out there for everyone. Using this launchpad, we will then gradually expand to the original plan of the weblog. and this can not be achieved without you reading this right now.
Thank you.


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